Annelids MOD APK 2022 (Unlimited Money)


Annelids Mod APK is an updated edition of the game Annelids. It was created and developed by Michal Srb. It's part that is Network Action. The game is extremely graphic and has easy controls. It's a worm-fighting game where you need to compete against the other Online players in a raging battle of the worms.
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Annelids Mod APK is an updated edition of the game Annelids. It was created and developed by Michal Srb. It’s part that is Network Action. The game is extremely graphic and has easy controls. It’s a worm-fighting game where you need to compete against the other Online players in a raging battle of the worms. If you want to prevail during this battle, you must control your worm’s movements to create massive tunnels and kill other worms.

Annelids MOD APK

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This Annelids Mod Apk Unlocked All Weapons contains numerous kinds of weapons. Each weapon was created for a specific scenario. In annelids, battles between worms are played in 17 different locations. The game includes 9 secret missions. It is an opportunity for players to earn money in many ways. You can make money by fighting other players or completing tasks in the game. You can use this money to purchase new weapons and outfits.

Gameplay Annelids: Online battle MOD APK 

Android players will experience exciting and exciting action in the exciting online gaming Annelids Mod APK Unlimited Everything Online. Enjoy thrilling combats and battles that are explosive between the massive Worm warriors. Making holes in the map to avoid enemies’ attacks and finding routes to implement your strategies. Utilize the many weapons and power-ups to aid your objectives.

Compete against one another with different game modes, each with distinct experiences and gameplay. Take pleasure in the amazing action of worms against intelligent AI opponents, or compete against real players with the matchups online available in Annelids online battle. Play the game in various locations and learn about unique game mechanics. You can customize your worm warriors and discover incredible in-game activities as you advance.

However, most important is that you’ll be able to experience the straightforward and enjoyable game of worm actions completely different from any other game you’ve previously played. This makes the game enjoyable and interesting too. You Can also Download Tacticool MOD APK

Features Of Annelids Mod APK

Various Game Modes

The Annelids Mod APK Mod Menu game comes with various fascinating options, such as Conquest, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, King of the Hill. We have provided brief details below about these modes.

Conquest: this game mode only is for people who like playing the game at a difficult, hard level. However, it is fun to play the conquest challenges as you are paired with other online players in the epic worm Annelids Mod APK Offline game. In this game, you must defeat others to ascend the conquest ladder to be the winner.

Deathmatch: This mode lets you play on your own and eliminate your opponents in an amazing Deathmatch. The players will fight against one another in a huge online worms fight. You’ll need to engage in the game until you die and then respawn to battle again till the limit of the score has been completed.

Team Deathmatch: The mode can be played designed for players who wish to participate in this game in a group. It is possible to play with your buddies, as well as the game can assign you a group to compete against other teams in a thrilling team deathmatch with annelids. You must compete until one team reaches the score limit and be victorious.

Capture the Flag: It is by far the most thrilling version of the game annelids. This mode lets you compete with your teammates in a game against teams from other leagues. This game aims to capture the flag of the group. Also, it would help if you defended your banner as well. The team that takes their flag and flies it to the opposing team will win. The number of kills you take in this mode of play.

King of the Hill: This mode is intended for players who want to experience the game with greater intensity. The thrilling gameplay of King of the hill is sure to be awe-inspiring to players. You must take on opponents in this mode using the use of strategy and tactical aspects.

Annelids MOD APK

Simple and Intuitive

To begin, Android gamers in Annelids Battle Online will be able to get acquainted with the thrilling gameplay of worm action in a relatively short amount of time due to the simple and easy control of the game’s touchscreen. After that, you are free to play around using the analog-like rules, unleashing your fast and precise attacks by using the many options available. Control your seizures with the helpful direction button and many more.

In addition, you can join the game with anyone controllers, such as MOGA controllers or other external Bluetooth gamepads. This allows you to experience the thrilling actions of Annelids Hack Version Online Battle. It is possible to join in with your preferred controllers and get a blast playing the action-packed game.

Create your worms

To make online gaming more exciting and enjoyable, You can modify your username and your worms by using various configurations to allow you to make them stand out from battles. For example, it is possible to alter the color of your worms by using an entirely customizable color system. In addition, you can have fun playing with different items and weapons to enhance your character and let you take advantage of the game more.

Death Match Mode

Apart from other fun and thrilling games, this is the most enjoyable. You can compete with your friends in a single match or host many other players who will try to keep you from winning. You’ll need to dig up with your shovel and use it to fight by using the various weapons that you can get to unlock.

Annelids Mod Apk Unlimited money

Do you wish to enjoy everything you want in the Annelids game without having to spend a dime to play it.? Then, you’re in the right spot. You can receive unlimited coins and money and other items in this annelids mod app. Additionally, you can use them to purchase different kinds of clothes and weapons for your worm. There is no requirement to spend real money to play the game.

Annelids MOD APK

Mod Features Annelids: Online battle MOD APK     

  • Annelids: Online battle Unlimited Money
  • Unlocked All Premium Feature
  • Unlimited Coins
  • Hack And Mod Unlocked
  • Unlocked All 
  • No Ads (Remove ads)
  • Unlimited Health
  • Unlimited Guns
  • Lots Of Ammo
  • Unlimited Weapons


Within Annelids MOD Unlimited Health, you can play an array of 66 missions to complete. The missions are played out on 17 different maps to provide an experience in gaming that promises thrills and depth as the challenge increases as you progress through each challenge. Each map has other places, including underground space, from planets containing lava to fields of grass and snowy planets. No two maps are identical. In the game Annelids Mod, you’ll be fighting on a variety of special stages that provide stunning scenery and numerous strategic options that gamers want.

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